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The Space

Oak House Recording is... in a house! But this house has been doctored and designed to be a great recording space. The main room sounds fantastic for drums, strings, jazz, piano, vocals, etc. We've even hosted a small choir, a bell orchestra and theater groups! There's a baby grand piano, and Hammond organ with Leslie, an Acoustic guitar collection, and even a foot pump organ from the 1800's. You'll find all the details below.



  • Neumann U67 (vintage tube)

  • Neumann U47 (custom build with vintage parts)

  • 2x Sony C37a

  • 2x Neumann KM53 (vintage tube omni)

  • 2x Neumann U64 (vintage tube)

  • Neumann KM84

  • RCA 44 BX (vintage ribbon)

  • RCA 77DX (vintage ribbon)

  • 2x Coles 4038 (ribbon)

  • Royer 121 (ribbon)

  • AKG D20

  • Various other microphones

Preamps and Recorders

  • 32ch Studer 963 Recording/Mixing Console

  • Ampex 440B 8-Track Analog Tape Machine

  • JCF AD8 and DA8-T Converters

  • Lynx Aurora (n) Converters

  • Metric Halo ULN-8 Interface

  • 2x RCA BA-21a (vintage tube)

  • 2x Langevin 5116 (vintage tube)

  • Ampex MX-10 (vintage tube)

  • 2x RCA BA-71

  • 4x RCA BA-74

  • 2x JCF Mic Pres

  • Tab Funkenwerk V78

  • Daking Preamp/EQ

  • UnFairchild Compressor

  • Gates Sta Level

  • Universal Audio 175b

  • LA-2A (ProReplicas with vintage transformers)

  • 1176A (Hairball with vintage transformer)

  • 2x Altec RS124

  • SSL Bus Comp (Audioscape)

  • Overstayer SFE

  • Overstayer Modular Channel

  • Overstayer MAS

  • Pom Pye 

  • 2x DBX 160VU

  • 2x Pultec EQH-2 EQ

  • Sontec 250C Stereo Parametric EQ

  • 2x JCF 651AT EQ (API 550A)

  • Cinema 4031 Passive EQ

  • Bettermaker EQ

  • Bricasti M7 Reverb

  • Lexicon Model 200 Reverb

  • Benson Tall Bird Spring Reverb

  • Roland 501 Chorus Tape Echo

  • 2x Zulu Passive Tape Emulators

  • 2x Dolby 361 


Outboard Gear

Screen Shot 2024-06-01 at 5.37.45 PM.png


  • 1945 Gibson LG-2 Banner Acoustic Guitar

  • 1967 Gibson J-50 Acoustic Guitar

  • 1934 Gibson L7 Archtop

  • 1953 Gibson Custom  Build (now rubber bridge)

  • 1964 Guild M30 Acoustic Guitar

  • Silvertone Baritone Rubber Bridge Conversion

  • 1920's SS Stewart Parlor Guitar (now nylon strings)

  • 90's Alvarez Yari dreadnaught

  • Fender Jazz Bass

  • 60's Univox (Nashville strung)

  • 70's Fender Super Reverb Amp

  • Kawai KG-1E Baby Grand Piano

  • Hammond A100 (B3) Organ and Leslie Speaker

  • 1800's Foot Pump Organ

  • some fun guitar pedals

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