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Oak House Recording is...

...the creative home of recording engineer and songwriter, David Peters. The studio is located in the Pasadena area of Los Angeles and many songwriters, bands, composers, singers, and even theater and voiceover artists, come here to capture their creativity in a comfortable and competent environment.

The studio offers everything you need to make a stunning record, from classic equipment and timeless microphones, to a colorful instrument collection and great sounding spaces.

Things That Happen Here

Album Recording/Mixing

With less than a week in the studio and only the instruments they could fit alongside them in a Prius, UTR came out from Austin and recorded "Homesick For Another World", featuring this song,

now sporting over 12M streams on Spotify.

Unique and Challenging? I'm in.

Back in 2014 I couldn't help but setup a single GoPro camera as Tanner Porter build her piece, "Landlord". She has since earned her composition masters from Yale, performed on Broadway and became a composer-in-residence with the Louisville Orchestra.

Content Capturing

While her educational music channel on YouTube has over 280k subscribers, I think of Aimee Nolte first as one of the most stunning jazz-inspired musicians and songwriters I know. This one was captured in 2019.

Bring On the Strings!

Molly Rogers is one of LA's top violinists, having worked with Hans Zimmer, Andrea Bocelli, Kendrick Lamar, Adele, John Legend and more. We captured some arrangements of James Bond theme songs for her YouTube channel.

Live-to-Tape Recording

Award-winning songwriter, Amber Rubarth, guitarist extraordinaire, Adam Levy (Norah Jones), and premier LA bassist/arranger, Michael Valerio laying down some tunes live-to-tape. (Too bad I only had a GoPro left over to capture Mike!)

Film Score Recording/Mixing

"Betting On Zero" is a 2017 documentary film by Ted Braun. The film score was composed by Pete Anthony. We recorded the orchestra at Capitol Studios A and mixed it here at Oak House! From student projects to larger films, I love film scores.

Live Video Editing & Mixing

Songwriter/Performer, Eric Henry Andersen lighting up Reno in this live performance edited and mixed here at Oak House. Eric is able to record his own music from his home studio, but the record was mixed here at Oak House as well!

House Concerts

Though it's been a while, Oak House has hosted many amazing songwriters at its house concert series, Song Sessions. Sometimes they let me perform as well!

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